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Garrett Bertamini (left) and Garett Rice (right) completed the Youth Leadership training program. ECA Review/Submitted
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Garrett Bertamini (left) and Garett Rice (right) completed the Youth Leadership training program. ECA Review/Submitted

The Kneehill 4-H Multi Club is still working and trying to stay connected over Zoom meetings.

In the middle of December and the beginning of January, 4-H Alberta put on a fun Google Classroom activity called Dashing Through December; the members did tasks and fun activities.

Teaghan Bertamini, Myla Denby and Ryley Lohner won prize packs for their submissions.

At the end of January we had a fun Christmas Party which was done over Zoom. We did some fun games including a household scavenger hunt and a Kahoot.

During January some members attended a virtual multi-judging. Participants judged hogs, replacement heifers and market lambs.

In the Intermediate category for hogs, Dawson Denby got second, Teaghan Bertamini got third and Sharla Berry got tenth.

In the Intermediate category for market lambs, Dawson Denby got fourth and Pat Leronowich tied for seventh, eighth and ninth.

Overall, Teaghan Bertamini got third and Dawson Denby got fourth in Intermediate.

In the junior standings, Myla Denby got fifth overall.

We would like to say congratulations to everyone that participated for the first time.

Kelli Becker organized this event.

A few members also attended a virtual multi judging put on by the University of Alberta.

4-H Alberta is also now putting on webinars on the four pillars of 4-H.

They have already completed the Science and Technology and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security. with Environment and Healthy Living, Community Engagement & Communications planned in the near future.

We would like to congratulate two of our senior members, Garett Rice and Garrett Bertamini for completing the youth leader program.

On Sun. Feb. 7 we had our virtual public speaking.

We had seven presentations and seven speeches.

Susan Esau, Laurie Watt, Chelsea Pike, Katie Van Hienen, Terri Huxley and Emily Marston judged our public speaking.

We learned about the Canadian Snowbirds to Resilience and Hope in 2020 and even Canada’s Hidden History.

Everyone did an amazing job and we were impressed with all the detail put into your public speaking.

The placings were as follows: Public Speaking, Junior – Curtis Berry, 1st; Amy Gorr, 2nd; Matthew Gorr Intermediate-1st; Sharla Berry, 1st; and Jay Price, 2nd.

Presentations: Junior – Jesse Mandel, 1st; Myla Denby, 2nd; Intermediate – Dawson Denby, 1st; Teaghan Bertamini, 2nd;  Bella Witt;

Senior – A group presentation by Brynnleigh, Eryn and Ryley Lohner, 1st.


by Teaghan Bertamini and Kate Rice

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