You’ve already dug a hole

Dear Editor,

Re: The annual meeting, Drumheller-Stettler C.A.

I gather from reading both Dave and Herman’s letters to the editor in previous issues of the ECA Review, there are still people that believe that old crony style Conservative Government, of “you pat my back, and I’ll pat yours” is alive and well in Alberta.


Welcome to 2018. When the words “honesty and integrity” are used, best look up the meaning in the dictionary. When the board members of Battle River- Wainwright became part of the Lloydminster – Vermilion constituency, they were treated with respect and now have positions on that board. The people in that riding are intelligent enough to realize “Wainwright” has a lot of voting power.

The residents, farmers and ranchers north of Highway 12 rarely wear “stetsons” or silk scarves, they wear work shirts and caps. They are proud of their farms, livestock and crops. They are hard working individuals who want honesty in government. This so-called “pack” was fortunate that I was not at that meeting, it was the night before my sister’s  funeral. I would have stood up and suggested everyone else leaves.

In the last election, Albertans did not send conservatives to the legislature. Winning the Drumheller-Stettler candidacy for the United Conservative Party (UCP) does not automatically give you a seat in the legislature. We have the option of running an independent candidate. Albertans will no longer stand for corruption in government. This meeting was called on a Thursday night when the legislature was sitting with no regard for the sitting MLA. Rick Strankman has represented this riding for almost eight years. When other MLA’s walked across the floor, he remained true to the people who elected him. When you play dirty pool, someone just might break your “pool cue.”

But take off the stetson’s and put on your ‘thinking caps.’ You’ve already dug a hole so deep it will be hard to climb out. Working for honest government in Alberta.


Margaret Kvigstad

Metiskow, Ab.

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