Youngstown supports Prairie Land campaign

Written by Terri Huxley

To kick off Youngstown council’s meeting on Tues. Feb 3, Prairie Land School Division Youngstown rural Trustee Scott MacPherson stopped by to chat about a couple important topics.

One of them was the decision to send a letter of support to Prairie Land for the purpose of their campaign designed to show the provincial government of the importance of sports for mental health and how rural Alberta is different compared to large centres.

Prairie Land hopes to get as many letters from municipalities as well as first-hand accounts from students to reflect this reality.

“Advocacy is about the size of the voice,” said MacPherson. “We want to talk about the mental health aspect. I mean there are a million different opinions out there.

“People say kids should play sports but that’s all they do so we want our letter to have more meat to it and why we feel they need to be doing it.”

MacPherson mentioned he will try to attend as many village meetings as possible to keep the connection strong between municipality and school division, offering ideas and taking back suggestions.

The government introduced a new version of the three-year education plan and assurance model so he asked council to have a couple representatives join a meeting on how they can move forward with the focus on community engagement.

MacPherson also brought up the idea of having an outdoor rink at the school for easier access.

Council pondered if there would be a big enough line to support flooding. They agreed with MacPherson to speak with newly instated principal Ron Davies who has been said to be well received by the community after a week in the position.

The trustee will speak with Prairie Land administration to see about supervision and COVID rules.

A small rink has been created by Youngstown’s public works foreman but it was designed for tots to use rather than older students.

Land use bylaw revisions 

Palliser Regional Municipal Services has given council the latest version of the revised land use bylaw for review.

Council passed first reading with no changes added.

A public hearing will take place next meeting, and if no issues are raised, second and final reading will be held.


Terri Huxley

ECA Review

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