Youngstown signs up for ATCO street light conversion program

Written by Terri Huxley

Youngstown council agreed to ink a deal with ATCO towards replacement of 40 street lights from non-invested to invested pieces at their regular meeting Tues. Sept. 7.

ATCO representative Tracy Volker came to council to share the ins and outs before any decisions were made to ensure the program was the right fit for the village.

In an analysis done by the power company, converting the non-invested units to invested will have an average cost savings for end-of-life replacement at $240,000 ($6,000 per light).

When the original lights fail, the village is currently charged $708.69 for 100 Watts and $732.69 for 150W which will now be converted to invested lights as the old ones conclude their purpose.

It currently costs $977.70 per month in distribution charges with the foresight of $240,000 to eventually replace them before signing.

Now, once all lights are changed to the new LED design, it will cost $1,479.30 per month to distribute but no future capital replacement costs are added and an initial investment is provided at $35,386.80 to have them replaced.

Sewer line replacement

The village is putting up $150,000 to have a part of the sewer line from 2 Ave. and 5 Ave. SE be camera’d and replaced.

Insituform has been hired to take on the project, first planning on looking at the lines via camera before any digging takes place to see where the line is failing.

Preliminary work is beginning Sept. 27.

Bulk water station payment

The village is looking at options to create a more customer friendly experience for bulk water users in the area by getting quotes to add an electronic machine that accepts card payments.

The coin operator will still be present but with the addition of a machine, customers will have more than one way to pay for the resource.

One quote has been received from Conex Wireless for under $9,000 not including installation.

Coun. Ken Johnson agreed to reach out to Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission treatment plant to hear what types of companies and equipment they use which could be suggested for the village as well.

MAP Review Plan

Youngstown was recently selected to undergo a Municipal Affairs Program (MAP) review where policies and bylaws were looked over by provincial representatives.

After their analysis, a list of tasks were given to the village to have completed to be up to par with provincial mandates.

An action plan is then needed to address all the tasks found.

The village submitted this plan and recently received correspondence from Municipal Affairs stating they were satisfied with this plan and now have one year to get everything up to date.


Terri Huxley

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