Youngstown moving forward with signage proposals

Written by ECA Review

New concept signage was presented to Youngstown council on Tues. June 7 via an online meeting with Jennifer Koppe from 818 Studios Limited of Calgary.

After discussion on design choices and construction, the council plans to move forward with the production of new signage for the village.

Signage designs included were for the highway, ‘way finding’ in town, replacement building signs and branding for community buildings.

The council reviewed each design discussing design and structure changes before moving forward.

The signage concepts have been well received by council and they intend to proceed with the project.

A tender package for two separate projects by 818 Studio Ltd. will be provided for contractors for two projects, the Youngstown signage and the Hanna signage projects, and will be responsible for putting up the signs.

The new signage will be expected to be completed and constructed by the end of the year.

Daniel Gonzalez,
ECA Review

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