Youngstown mayor to be recognized with AUMA award

Youngstown Mayor Robert Blagen
Written by Terri Huxley

Youngstown Mayor Robert Blagen

Youngstown’s mayor, Robert Blagen, was notified of winning a prestigious provincial award presented by Alberta’s Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) at Youngstown’s latest council meeting held on Tues. Oct. 5.

At the upcoming fall convention to be held in Edmonton, Blagen will be handed the award after serving 40+ years as a council member.

The award is given to those who have served as a municipal leader for 20 years or more.

Main street upgrade study

Jennifer Koppe of Studio 818 has been working closely with the Village of Youngstown to establish a vision and future development of Main Street.

In particular, the green space beside the Small World Cafe, the Community Hall and park beside the village office in an effort to spruce up the area to be more inviting for visitors.

Residents were polled on which types of styles would work best which Koppe estimated to have contacted and gotten word from at least two-thirds of the community.

“It wasn’t from a lack of effort,” acknowledged Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Emma Garlock.

Results were telling as many people preferred treed streetscapes with ample lighting, benches, etc. as well as unique illustrations such as historic mural paintings on the community hall to show the community’s rich heritage.

With results now in place, Studio 818 will provide smaller manageable projects as the village’s capital plan allows, as well as an umbrella timeline for implementation within the next couple of months.

Senate election

CAO Garlock shared with council about the village’s plan for the upcoming senate election and referendum on Mon. Oct. 18.

Three people including Garlock will be working for 12 hours at the community hall to facilitate and answer any questions.

She estimated the total amount for rent, ads and supplies to be between $500 and $750.

Council passed a motion to pay $30 per hour or $360 for each individual facilitator.


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