Youngstown electric franchise fee remaining at 1.25 per cent

Written by Terri Huxley

ATCO representatives shared a presentation virtually for Youngstown council on Tues. May 4 to discuss the renewal of contract and franchise fee rates.

The current contract with ATCO Electric expires on June 7, 2021 which prompted a need to get a new agreement going.

This document allows ATCO to continue service in Youngstown and area and allows them to collect a franchise fee on the village’s behalf.

Small adjustments such as definitions were noted but nothing that changed the agreement’s purpose.

Council passed a motion to enter into a new 10-year agreement with the service company.

Another motion was passed to continue with a franchise fee rate of 1.25 per cent.

The cap for any municipality is 20 per cent.

Councillors asked if their rates were comparable to other communities of similar size to which the presenters shared they are ‘quite reasonable’ being lower than most.

In 2021, the village made up of 191 sites will receive $1,955.93 from this franchise fee.

Youngstown has a majority of non-invested lights meaning they are required to pay for any upgrades.

Council agreed to have ATCO come back with another presentation to explore other options to have invested LED lights in the future.

Speed limit sign purchasing

Councillor Debbie Laughlin brought up a concern about youngsters biking around town.

She was worried these children could be hurt by speeders on main roads.

It was noted by Public Works Foreman James Mabley that he has invested to see what 30 km/hr. signs are put up to signal slower speeds but found a few spots in need of more such as the playground beside the hotel.

He added that a quote came in for $220 for three signs.

Council identified a couple other spots that needed them, bringing the need between four and five signs.

The trio agreed to have Mabley go ahead to purchase these signs and have them installed.

Hotel debris a concern

Council, as well as resident Lester Klassen who came to council, were concerned about the hotel and it’s deterioration.

The outer siding has been falling off in a couple of areas which has become a safety hazard for pedestrians.

Coun. Ken Johnson shared that he has been in talks with the owner who explained that they are having issues with insurance not doing their part.

The village has attempted to bring awareness to the issue in the past but so far nothing has been done.

It was suggested a ‘firm’ letter be sent to the insurance company explaining the situation and how it is a concern for residents safety.

Council agreed to have administration send the letter.

Mill rates shared

No changes are happening for this year’s mill rates.

Total mill rate is 14.86.

The municipal mill rate portion is set at 9.60.

The residential rate is set at 14.86, a 0.08 rise, while the commercial rate is at 15.91 which is down 0.12.

Palliser Regional Planning Commission is set at 0.17, the library board at 0.35 and the recreation board at 0.10.

For requisitions, Big Country Waste Management Commission sits at 1.81, education for residential at 2.44 and commercial at 3.49.

Acadia Foundation sits at 0.39.

Council accepted these rates.

The tax deadline is August 31 unlike last year at the end of September but the tax penalty remains at 10 per cent.

Two motions were carried for both the date and penalty percentage.


Terri Huxley

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