Youngstown donates to firefighter’s family

Written by Terri Huxley

In light of recent events at the Castor Fire Department with the loss of firefighter Stephen Rayfield, the village of Youngstown has chosen to donate to the trust fund for his family.

At the village’s latest council meeting on Tues. Feb. 8, council unanimously voted to donate $500 to the family by sending the money to the trust fund set up by ATB in Castor.

The local fire department has already sent in flowers to show their sympathies for the fallen fighter who passed during the response of a single-vehicle rollover on Highway 599 northeast of Castor Fri. Feb. 4.

Land tender accepted

Administartion received a letter from Lester and Sara Klassen about their intent to purchase a piece of property within Youngstown.

The minimum bid placed on the ‘old McKeage’ place was set at $2,500 at the tax recovery sale.

Council accepted the couple’s bid to purchase the property giving them the responsibility of cleanup of the area.

Requisitions in

During correspondence relayed to council, administration shared two particular numbers were given to help determine the 2022 budget.

Marigold Library System shared that their requisition for the year is $6.26 per capita  equating to $929.76 total for Youngstown.

On the topic of reading, council also declared Feb. 20-26 ‘Freedom to Read Week’ after a motion was made to do so.

Palliser’s share of requisition price also increased this year by three per cent, making the village’s portion $1,749.40.

Council accepted the letters as information.

Truck fill money system

Council spoke of possible options to install a credit card acceptance system to provide more of an updated service other than the coin operated system in place currently at the truck fill station.

One quote was received so far in the range of $10,000 for the system plus installation.

Administration has also investigated what Special Areas uses and hope to see some collaboration with them to get this system in place.

Council agreed to investigate the possibilities further.


Terri Huxley

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