Youngstown development incentive program split

Written by Terri Huxley

Youngstown council chose two qualified applicants to take home funding after discussion at the regular meeting of council held Tues. Aug. 3.

The Youngstown Car Wash and Small World Cafe were successful in their applications requesting $5,000 for upgrades to the store front and $1,000 for metal fencing respectively.

Council agreed to give the car wash $4,000 instead and the cafe $1,000 as the fund only has $5,000 allocated each year.

One of the stipulations of the grant is that the work must already be completed.

Council and administration waited three months and only received one other application but found it to be incomplete and the project still in progress, encouraging them to apply again next year.

Public Works report

Public Works Foreman Jimmy Mabley shared with council the continued saga involving overgrown cattail weeds at one of the village’s lagoon cells.

A few ways of cutting them down have been tried including using a backhoe to dig them out and cutting them by weed whipper but to no avail.

Using the backhoe has been especially trying as the weeds are so embedded it pulls the whole bank with it.

A few spray contractors have been contacted but Mabley explained that they won’t touch it as the water near the site makes it difficult.

Coun. Ken Johnson suggested he go back and cut the weeds back three or four times as this continual cutting eventually makes them die out.

Fifth Avenue work

Administration received a quote from MPE Engineering for upcoming work on 5th Avenue in Youngstown.

A four-metre section of the sewer line beneath the road needs to be redone.

Council made a motion to go with Brooks Asphalt for $14,960 which will be funded from the Federal Gas Tax Fund.


Terri Huxley

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