Youngstown council freshen up 50+ club room 

Written by Sarah Baker

Renovations for the 50+ Club room located in the Village of Youngstown Office were discussed at the July 5 regular council meeting.

The 50+ Club was a space where local men would meet and partake in recreational activities like playing shuffleboard, cards and pool. As the name implied, members needed to be over the age of 50 to join the club.

Although the original members of the club have passed away, ladies in the village often come to drink coffee in the club room every Wednesday morning.

Age no longer matters for the club, but the name has stuck. The Village of Youngstown is looking to freshen up the space and repair water damage the room has received from recent storms in the area.

Bylaw 22-727
Amendments to Bylaw 22-727 or the Designated Officer Bylaw have been made by council.
According to the bylaw, it will; “establish designated officer positions and to establish a framework for delegation of administrative functions.”

The changes will re-appeal Bylaw 22-723 and include a section regarding appeals for the bylaw officer in regards to complaints.

This provides bylaw enforcement officers the opportunity to appeal decisions of the council in the event they are accused of breaching any of the responsibilities, conducts or powers assigned to the role.

Joint Use Agreement
The Joint Use Agreement between the village and school in Youngstown was signed for a second time by council.

Although the agreement was made on July 1, 2022, the first copy was lost in the postal service after it was sent to the Prairie Land Board.

Through the agreement, the Community Services Department of Youngstown can encourage and assist residents in organizing and participating in recreational activities.

This would allow residents to fully use the services and facilities available on the school grounds. Through this, the village and board hope to see the facilities used “for the maximum benefit of the community.”

Sidewalk replacements
Council discussed the repair and replacement work that will be done to sidewalks in Youngstown.

The sidewalks on 2nd Street East between 3rd and 4th Ave. and 1st Street East between 1st and 2nd Ave. will be done by Mudrack concrete and Bills Building.

Funding totalling $78.000 has been allocated for the sidewalk projects. Council awaits quotes for both projects.

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