Year begins for Dryland 4-H Club

Members of the Dryland 4-H Multi Club are, from the left, back row: Paris Trotchie, Spencer MacMillan, Reid Hickle, Blake Laughlin, Amelia Bietelspacher, Megan Conners, Grace Sheler, Vance Laughlin, Keegan Conners, Keldon Powell and Alara Trotchie. Middle row: Lukas Bietelspacher, Kelly Laughlin, Dylan Walker, Jillayna MacMillan, Izzy Walker, Kennedi MacMillan, Mandy Conners, Rodney Laughlin, Corbin MacMillan, Jace Powell, Danika Woods and Hayden Trotchie. Front row: Dalton Powell, Kiptyn Conners, Trey Hickle, Taylor Conners, Andi Powell and Charli Walker. ECA Review/Submitted

Another 4-H year has begun for the Dryland Multi 4-H Club. This year our club has 24 members and six cleavers.

Cleaver kids in 4-H are children aged 6 to 8-years-old where these kids are introduced to 4-H through fun, hands-on learning that is age appropriate.

Our first meeting was on Sept. 20 where we decided our executive positions.

We have planned another exciting year for our members.

Some of these activities will be skiing in Elkwater, a clipping clinic, winter carnival and lots more.

Our club has a lot of different projects including Market Steers, Carcass cattle, Yearling Heifers, 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds.

The kick-off for 4-H was on Sept. 29, 2018, at the Hunter King Memorial park.

All members from the Hanna 4-H District were invited to start the year off together.

Not many kids showed up but the kids that did sure had fun together.

Although it was cold and windy out, kids had fun running around playing together for the afternoon followed by pizza for supper.

Dryland Multi-Club held the weigh-in on Nov. 12. The weather was great.

It was fun to see all the member’s calves for the year and to see how much they weighed. After weigh-in, we held a meeting to discuss upcoming events and to plan more events.

After the meeting, all the kids played for a while before they took their calves back home.

This year, Hanna Rangeland 4-H is hosting the Show and Sale on June 8, 2019, and members are working very hard to be able to show a healthy, strong animal at the show.


by Megan Connors

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