Wrong should be righted

Dear Editor

I’m happy such a rant as “Apologize for absolutely everything” Dec 8 issue, pg. 16, got published in the paper. While not giving a full picture to who the writer is, other than a name, it gives an idea, especially after reading her other letters to the editor.

While certain things in this world are becoming stranger and stranger, such as taking away playgrounds so children don’t get skinned knee’s and such, certain things should not have happened and need to be changed.

While the Cleveland Indian’s have had their name since 1915, no one really cared if such a name would be found to be offensive to a certain group of the population. 

But since they won a World Series I suppose that’s good enough to let them keep the Indian in their name?

In terms of the Indian costume being offensive to some First Nations, what the First Nations wore and still wear is not a costume but part of what makes First Nations who they are.

The comment that ‘they should stop wearing cowboy boots, cowboy hats and so forth’, a history lesson: We are going to learn about vaqueros.

In 1519 the Spanish arrived in Mexico from Spain. They set up ranches with cattle and horses they imported from Spain.

The Spanish taught the Indians how to handle the cattle, these Indians were called vaqueros.

Most vaqueros were men of Mestizo and Native American origin.

In Canada we also had and have First Nations who were or are cowboys/cowgirls.

The writer claims that natives have no right to wear ‘cowboy/cowgirl’ kit. I disagree. They have every right in the world to wear it, as do many races and nationalities.

While political correctness has gotten out of control, there are times when wrongs need to be corrected.

Just because something has lasted over 100 years, does not mean it’s not hurtful to sections of our society.

It also does not mean a wrong that’s lasted for so long should not be righted.

Bernie Cosgrove

Czar, Ab.

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