Wranglers Baseball Academy holds strong home opener

Written by Terri Huxley

Evan Golby, 8, of the newly formed Neutral Hills Wranglers baseball team slides narrowly to home base while Alex Foster, 12, of the Strive baseball team tags him during the first home opener series on Sat. Sept. 5 in Veteran, Alta. ECA Review/Lacey Abt, LNA Photography

The Neutral Hills Wranglers have officially established themselves as a strong contender in the Alberta baseball world after winning their first two games in existence on Sat. Sept. 5.

The team of 12 won 5 – 3 the first game and the other 14 – 3 against the Strive Baseball Academy in Calgary.

This defining moment has made for a happy association and especially a happy coach and players.

The boys had only practiced together for five days before the home opener, making it that much more impactful.

“Being able to play was great on its own but to play and play well – everything clicked really quick for our team.

“They came together within five days and were playing as a team together. “We were pitching, we were hitting, we were playing defence so all three of those things to click within a week, it was great to see,” said head coach, Drew Boyer.

The team is hungry for more competition as the season winds up for the year.

“We’ve been playing really well the first two weeks and we’ve grown substantially from the first weekend to the second weekend. If we keep working and taking care of the little things, we will keep improving,” said Boyer.

Of the 12 players, there are eight players that have moved in and four locals.

This past weekend, the Wranglers played against Spruce Grove, narrowly losing by one run out of both games they lost.

They were able to get one win under their belt as well.

With COVID-19 stirring up plans, academies have spoken with their school division and superintendent to work out a schedule that minimizes any potential issues.

Boyer has no concerns about anything team-related, especially with how the players interact with each other on and off the field.

“They’ve grown together really quickly. They have all become really good friends and that has been a big part of our success, being able to work together,” he said.

“I’m not skeptical at all. I think they are going to perform really well the rest of the way and I’m really looking forward to the last few weeks we have.”

The season will be wrapping up around Thanksgiving weekend with a hopeful startup of mid-April next year depending on weather conditions.

Once winter finally arrives, the team will be training five days a week at their new facility in Veteran.


Terri Huxley

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