Working together for the common good

Dear Editor,

I seldom write letters to the editor but do follow those in the East Central Review and the recent one by Mr. Schwenk “Sabotaging a nomination” was a bit more than I could stomach.

The whole point of joining the two conservative parties in Alberta into the UCP was to work together for the common good of Albertans instead of fighting each other.

It is important for the UCP to get its candidates in place as soon as possible, for if the NDP government ever choses to call an early election the conservative movement would be caught unprepared and likely couldn’t win the election without a full slate of candidates with time to campaign.

The notion that one candidate and his supporters rigged or sabotaged anything is ridiculous and impossible. Trying to tarnish the fine reputation of an honest and sincere young man is nothing more than a smear campaign and shameful.

Mudslinging and dirty politics is clearly a sign of desperation to derail the campaign of a more popular candidate by those who can’t compete in any other way.

I fear if people only hear the false, negative information often enough they will begin to believe it (which I guess is the intention of such columns).

I firmly believe if anyone puts an ounce of thought into it that it will be easy to see through their motive. Such negative and bitter thinking serves no purpose and never yields a good outcome. It is a waste of energy.

Negativity only breeds negativity.


It is time to choose a candidate with a positive attitude, with the ability to work together with all the residents and municipalities within the constituency, who is willing to commit his time and energy in a positive and productive way to make the change possible to return the Alberta Advantage and get Drumheller- Stettler the representation it deserves so the area can finally move ahead again with confidence.

Nate Horner would be such a candidate.

Drumheller-Stettler is fortunate to have a candidate like Nate Horner to step forward with fresh and positive ideas, new solutions and are willing to commit their strengths to better representation in Edmonton.

Let’s keep this election positive and work together to get the strongest candidate possible.

Otherwise, doing the same thing over again and expecting different results is senseless.

Be sure to vote for your candidate of choice Sept. 27 – 29 at one of the six polls. And remember, think positive! We need solutions to get out of this mess.


Lyle Stuart

Stettler, AB

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