Women empowering women in Hanna

The Hanna Learning Centre brought together women and girls from the town and surrounding communities on Nov. 18 for a “Women Empowering Women” conference to build mentoring relationships with junior and senior high school girls.
The conference, funded with a $50,000 grant, covers topics such as gender-based domestic violence, entrepreneurship and leadership. There will be specialized followup sessions about developing healthy relationships, growing a business and running for office.
“We will inspire women and girls in our rural community to network, share knowledge, support and succeed together,” said Doray Veno, executive director, Hanna Learning Centre.
“The outcome of this project will be the empowerment of women and girls leading to economic security, healthy relationships and an increase in leadership among women.”
Hanna, in east-central Alberta, services a large, remote region with a population of more than 10,000 people.


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