With a small push we can save the polar bears

Dear Editor,

It has recently occurred to me that there is a way that mankind could save the polar bears from extinction and perhaps curb or in fact put a full stop to global warming.

The use of “fossil fuels”, a misnomer that is used to describe fuels such as oil and gas is being falsely accused as the sole cause of global warming.

In fact, these are more accurately described as “creationary fuels” as they were likely laid down on the earth at the same time as the earth itself was formed.

I believe that they were put here for us to use, but not to waste, by the one who created everything, including us hydro-carbon units.

Anyway, without going further into that argument, I propose that global warming is caused mainly by the “tilt” of the earth itself, 23° to the orbital plane of the earth around the sun.

I don’t believe there is any hope to stop global warming as long as this “tilt” exists.

This tilt has not always been the case. Ice Ages of the past were probably created when the earth’s “tilt” either did not exist or was somewhat less, in this orbital plane around the sun.

The sun’s rays would not have the same effect on the polar regions as they do today.

The polar ice caps have been melting ever since the earth tilted and will continue to melt no matter what we do about oil and gas consumption.

I repeat we should not waste these fuels as we continue to do.

It’s a fact the earth is a finely balanced orb rotating in space about a central axis.

It should be technically possible to install a rotating platform, timed to the earth’s rotation, at each pole, north and south.

A large rocket motor attached to the platforms would apply a “couple” of force that would act across the diameter of the earth to upright the earth’s “tilt” so that it would once again be at 90° to the orbital plane around the sun.

Now there would be some changes to the earth’s seasons etc., but one thing I’m sure of, ice would once again start to accumulate in the polar regions.

Now, before you laugh, I would mention that I know of two older ladies, my wife being one, that pushed a Cadillac car 1/4 mile down the highway, my wife steering and the other walking alongside pushing the car with one hand on the trunk.

The earth is finely balanced, rotating in space, and with a small push we could do this, to save the polar bears.


Ron Hudson

Coronation, Alta.

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