Wish list for 2018

We are at the beginning of a new year 2018. It has been customary to make New Years resolutions to correct some bad habits at this time of year.
I have always felt that these resolutions were mostly a waste of time because very few people stick with them for very long. However what I have decided to do is make a wish list for 2018.
It probably won’t accomplish any more than New Years resolutions but it will document some objectives that the powers that be should consider.
Let’s start with Justin Trudeau. I wish he would go and see a speech therapist. I really get sick and tired of him going ah, ah, ah, ah, every time that he speaks.
Instead of spending Christmas with his billon air friends that cost the government [think taxpayers] over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I wish he would spend a week with a middle class family. Maybe he would discover that all the new taxes that he has imposed on them [about $860 a year so far] is creating a real hardship.
When he was elected he said he would HELP the middle class.
He might also understand that small business is not really using income sprinkling as a loop hole but that it is survival strategy in a business with very tight margins especially after his taxes.
Another suggestion for a Christmas vacation would be for him and his family to spend a week in an indigenous community in either northern Manitoba or Ontario.
He might learn that that it takes more than culture to maintain a viable and sustainable community. They need a reliable economic base.
Throwing gobs of taxpayer money at these communities will not solve the problem.
Last but not least I wish he would quit apologizing. Every time he apologizes for some thing that a previous government did like the Omar Kadar case or the residential schools, it costs us millions of dollars. As my wife has said many times, you cannot un ring a bell. Those apologies will not change anything.
I wish Rachel Notley would learn where to cut back expenses to balance her budget. She thinks the only place where you can cut back is to trim front line workers.
It is her bloated bureaucracy that is the problem not the front line workers. Since becoming premier she has added over 40,000 jobs to the public sector work force.
I wish she would study the real science on climate change. All her carbon tax will achieve is to increase the cost of everything for the residence of Alberta and it is increasing the cost of doing business for every business, big or small in the province.
I wish I could believe her when she publically endorses pipelines. She says we need export pipelines and we do but almost every policy her government has implemented since she became premier has been to curtail the production of oil one way or another, the carbon tax being one.
I wish that the media and the climate change environmental advocates would become honest and admit that C02 emissions do not contribute to global warming.
Last week’s ECA Review had a column submitted by “The Friends of Science” that clearly stated the sun is the driver of climate change not C02.
It has been proven that we need more carbon in the atmosphere not less. More carbon will increase agriculture and food production to feed an increasing world population.
Finally I wish [you will hate me for this] the weather would stay real cold for the rest of the winter. Maybe the climate change zealots will learn that global cooling is also climate change!
Have a happy new year everyone.

by Herman Schwenk

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ECA Review Publisher