Wind generation is not benign


We hear a lot lately about clean alternative energy from all the usual suspects. These include the environmental community, left wing politicians and most of the media.

There are billions of dollars being spent on the promotion and installation of wind generators. All this to save the world from the ravaging damage of climate change “think global warming” caused by a catastrophic increase of C02 emissions!

The powers that be are hell bent to impose the installation of these monstrosities on society with out understanding what the real consequences are on the health of people, farm animals and wildlife.

Every time someone presents some negative evidence of the effects of wind generators, governments pass legislation to cover up the evidence as has happened in Ontario. The usual suspects as I prefer to refer to them will throw every road block they can think of to stop a pipeline but not wind power!

Why does the installation of a wind farm not require an environmental impact assessment?

If Premier Notley’s NDP government was really honest about changing the electric power mix in Alberta she would insist on getting the support of Albertans by passing legislation to have environmental impact assessments before wind farms are approved and hold a referendum before closing coal-fired generating stations.

The Consort Enterprise produced an excellent insert to commemorate Canadian Agriculture Safety Week in their March 16 issue. In it was a two page article on the subject of wind generation. The article had several warnings from a legal firm to be aware of if you are intending to sign a lease with a wind company.

For example: you may think you are signing a lease for a small piece of land to put the tower on, similar to an oil well lease.  The company may put an easement on the entire quarter section and use it as collateral to borrow capital for financing the project.

That could prevent you from using the same land as collateral.

Once you sign the lease you may not have the ability to influence where the structure is built.

Another concern raised was the matter of term renewals. You  may think that you have signed for a term renewal of four to six years when in fact the small print gives the company options of up to 55 years.

My advice is DO NOT sign a lease without having a lawyer examine that lease in detail. That way if you do not like it, have it changed or don’t sign it.

There are complaints of several health issues related to the towers being too close to residences. The swooshing of the blades, ringing of ears, vertigo, sleeplessness and other stress related ailments related to being down wind from the turbines.

What you don’t see discussed about wind turbines is the effect on wildlife and farm animals grazing around them. It stands to reason that if they are having a negative affect on humans they would also affect animals.
We know that the turbines are responsible for the destruction of many birds and bats. In southern Alberta there is a species of bat that may go extinct. What kills them is the difference in air pressure from one side of the turning blade to the other that blows out their lungs.

The environmentalists make a big noise over birds dying in the settling ponds that are part the oil sand extraction process, in fact some companies have been fined over these dead birds. These same people are okay with birds being killed by wind turbines.

My next column will be a continuation of this topic. I will be receiving information on extensive research that was done in Ontario and elsewhere on the negative effects of wind generation.

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