Wind Farm clarification

Dear Editor,

The Battle River Watershed Alliance would like to clarify a statement made in last week’s paper about the amount of power produced at the Halkirk Wind Farm.

The Energy Ambassadors on our Finding Common Ground Bus Tour were touring the Wind Farm and learning about its ability to generate up to 150 Megawatts (MW) of power.

The conversation included a comparison to Units 3 and 4 at the Battle River Generation Facility that can each produce about 150 MW of power.

Unit 5 was not running when we visited but produces about 385 MW.

The notes our Ambassador took during that conversation, which were then reflected in the paper, were incomplete and compared the wind farm to the whole station, not just one unit.

We regret this mistake and apologize for the error. The intention of the tour was to get people thinking and talking about how our energy is produced.

It has sure done that!

Thank you for your responses and corrections and we apologize for the confusion it has caused.


Nathalie Stanley Olson

Education and Outreach Coordinator,

Battle River Watershed Alliance

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