Wilton out, Mayor in

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Morrin Village Coun. Melissa Wilton on the Morrin Discussion Group on Facebook posted her resignation from council on  Thurs. Oct. 22 for a third time, stating, “once again I have given my resignation in hopes that it will be accepted and I will be respected enough to allow me to step back?”

Howard Helton attended the Morrin Village Office on the morning of Fri. Oct. 23 and asked why his resignation was reported.

“Well, you did resign,” stated Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Annette Plachner.

“Not according to the way you treated the resignation of Coun. Wilton, said Helton. “I haven’t resigned.” 

“You set the criteria that if it came by email and not written then it wasn’t an actual resignation.”

Helton pointed out that proof of her criteria was set out in emails from the CAO and Deputy Mayor Edwards, that Coun. Wilton’s resignations were invalid however,  Helton’s resignation used the same method of delivery as did Wilton’s.

CAO Plachner referred to a very recent call she had with Municipal Affairs.

“You didn’t accept what Municipal Affairs said in order to keep Melissa on [council] then how can you justify having a double standard?” asked Helton.

“I have no comment,” stated Plachner.

Howard then presented his letter rescinding his resignation.

“There is my rescinding letter . . . and it’s in front of you, and it’s been presented to you in writing as you requested,” stated Helton.

CAO Plachner stated “Your resignation has gone to council and it has been passed by council,” stated Plachner.

“But that’s the whole point, council resignations has nothing to do with council according to the MGA. We pointed that out to you before, the council doesn’t rule on a resignation.”

“I have no comment,” stated Plachner.

“I realize you don’t because it’s completely illegal what you did in the first place,” said Helton, “So I’m standing by that.”

Helton stated that if Plachner was ‘now’ going to follow the MGA, she would have to go back and make that determination regarding  Melissa Wilton’s first resignation back in September when the MGA wasn’t adhered to.

Helton pointed out that he would not have resigned had  the proper MGA criteria been used.

“Unless the Minister disqualifies both myself and Melissa, Melissa first, me second. then I’m still on council,” said Helton.

“No, you’re not,” stated CAO Plachner.

“Do you deny that you didn’t lay out the rules,” asked Helton.

“No comment,” stated Plachner.

Further, Helton noted the  emails going back and forth from the CAO, Deputy Mayor Edwards and from Harry  Gough, the Village lawyer, speaks to the efforts made by the CAO and Edwards to keep Melissa on. 

“So you are aware of those because this is the criteria you used to keep Melissa on,” stated Helton.

“Leave, leave now,” stated Plachner.

“Why do we have to leave, it’s a public office, we are distancing spaced, we are not harassing you, we are just asking you to stand up for what you initially did to keep Coun. Wilton on [council]?

“I stand by the fact that Melissa Wilton had resigned as per the MGA back in September”, said Helton, “and therefore my resignation would be moot.

“Again I must  reiterate, it was your criteria that you set out to keeping her [Wilton]  there and now you set one to keep me out?

“Why is there different standards  from one councillor to the next ?” asked Helton.

“I have no comment,  leave,” stated CAO Plachner.


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