William E Hay takes third in archery provincials

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DSC03257The National Archery in the Schools (NASP) Provincial Tournament was held from March 14 – 17 at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen Show.  Hundreds of competitors from across the province attended, competing both as teams and individuals.
William E Hay Composite High School sent a team of 16 archers plus five individual shooters from grades 9-12 to compete at the high school level.  This was the first year Stettler has had a NASP archery program.  It was brought in late last spring by Luke Peters, a teacher at William E. Hay.
Each student shoots five arrows in a round, with a maximum of 50 points in a single round.  There are three rounds at 10 meters, followed by three rounds at 15 meters for a total of 30 arrows, or 300 points.  Then the archers with the best 12 totals from the team have their scores added together for a final score out of 3600.
The William E Hay Archery Team scored 2911 points, getting third place in the High School category.  Individual shooters of note were Will Roberts and Shannon Hammond.  Will Roberts, Grade 9, shot 284 out of 300, the third best score in the province for any shooter of any age.  Shannon Hammond in Grade 11 tied for third in the High School Female category with 264 points.  Ryan Ponich placed sixth in the High School Male category with 268.  It was a fantastic showing from a first-year team, one they hope to improve on next year.

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