Will actions create positive results?

Dear Editor,

We are inundated daily/weekly with dire warnings of climate change issues.

Whether you are a believer or a dissenter, I’m sure there is middle ground for opinion and discussion. 

The Federal Gov’t can and has placed multiple taxes on  Canadian consumers and on industry with the threat of even more.

However, we keep hearing from Government and media and the Greens of “Pie in the sky” predictions as they continue their rhetoric.

Most individuals strive to do their part with recycling of garbage, paper, plastics and other products where the service is provided.

More and more we hear of business, resource companies and industry making positive strides to improve the carbon footprint by using new and proven methods.

We are all aware of the severity of weather disasters whether it be fire, floods, hurricanes, etc. however we have no assurance that our actions and billions of dollars doled out will give the positive results for huge change.

Is it possible that this global phenomenon is out of the people’s control. Just wondering??

At this time, I hope this Liberal  Government, when presenting a budget during the existing health and economic crisis we are faced with, is prepared to promote job creation, health care and development of our natural resources.

We are in a financial crisis as well, so I truly hope that the “Green” movement is kept for a later date.

Gayle Smigg,

Hanna, Alta.

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