Wildfires in Alberta, Canada

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I write about an extreme weather event in Alberta, Canada that touches me personally. This is the province of Canada where I grew up and where I worked for several years.

A report of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on May 13 shows the fight people in Alberta are facing with the wildfires happening in the province.

One report indicates the Canadian army has been called to work with firefighters to tackle the fires.

It has provided multiple news stories about wildfires, the displacement of people, and how Albertan communities are working together to meet the challenges being faced.

Similar events are happening in Europe, with fires currently in Greece and Spain.

These news stories bring to mind a painting produced by my aunt, Eisert Hall, an award-winning Canadian artist.

She was born and lived in the Brownfield area as well as other parts of Alberta. Her painting captures the beauty and fragility of the trees and the threat of fire to which they are susceptible.

I share this information, and painting with you to communicate how communities around the world are dealing with a changing climate, and to encourage discussion about what people can do to respond.

Charalee Graydon

Painting copyright, Eisert Hall.

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