Wild and crazy hairdos

With nine-tenths of the year complete, the Grade 5 math class is studying fractions and decimals right now.

The staff and students at Theresetta are feeling the annual “crunch time” pressure but also enjoying the warmer weather and looking forward to all the usual year-end activities.

Swimming lessons during gym classes started after the May long weekend. Students are enjoying walking to the pool and splashing around two times a week while learning some new strokes and skills.

The Cosmetology class, a junior high option class this term, hosted their mothers or grandmothers on May 10 for some mother-daughter manicures.

The group had a great time showing off their newly learned cosmo skills to their relative in appreciation for what they do.

May 10 was also the date of the second and last Jr. High Dance hosted by the Theresetta Students Union.

Terry Howe provided the DJ music. Crazy Hair Day took place on May 14.

Spirit Day was a fun day for students and teachers to express a more unruly side of themselves.

There were wild and crazy hairdos that included backwards ponytails, extremely messy buns, and even some brightly coloured dos.

Spirit Days are always a fun way to turn just a regular school day into a special day.

The Kindergarten class cooked up some scrumptious hot dogs for their annual hot lunch fundraiser on May 16.

The Theresetta students and staff enjoyed their first School Mass on Thurs. May 23.

It was our first School Mass with Father Roger, who just moved to the area from Edmonton.

This is his first time as a priest at a parish.

On May 24, the Cosmetology option class travelled to MC College in Red Deer to tour the school and learn about the esthetic programs they offer.

The students enjoyed seeing the campus and even got their hair done by MC College students.

The class enjoyed getting to see where they could possibly attend further schooling if they pursue a career in the cosmetology field.

To end the trip on a high note, MC College donated multiple mannequin heads and hair products to the Theresetta class for their practice and education.

The Kindergarten class has been very busy learning about services in their community.

On Tues. May 28, the class walked to Main Street for a visit to the Post Office and on May 30, the group had a visit from the fire department.

The firefighters came by in their truck to show the students all the different spaces and tools the truck has.

The Jr. ATB program has wrapped up for the year. The last deposit day was on May 30 at lunch.

Nine employees worked hard to assist 14 customers in making their final school deposits.

Boston Slemp and Tavi Pickles were the winners of the monthly prizes.

The students who got to take part in running the Theresetta ATB location this year learned a lot about the jobs and process of a bank.


by K. Smawley

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