Wiens, Erbin John ‘Bumpy’

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Erbin John ‘Bumpy’ Wiens was born May 10, 1938, and May 9 (his real birthday). Celebrating two birthdays per year, he was technically 160 years old.
Bumpy was the youngest sibling of Pete, William, Paul, Leo, Klaire, Agatha, Rosanna and Robert. He was born on a farm near Dowling.
Bumpy and Catherine were married November 4, 1961, and had four children Denise, Brenda, Stephen and Michael.
Grandchildren Samantha, Joey, Marie, Peter, Theresa, Anthony, Shane, Crystal, Aurora, Paula, Kelli-Ann, Kelsey and Christopher followed with great-grandchildren Amara, Victoria, Spencer, Cedar, Clover, Ethanial, Izabel, Keira, Marlee and Alivia.
Bumpy was predeceased by his parents in 1954 and 1957, his son Stephen in 1984 and by his siblings Peter, William, Paul, Klaire, Rosanna and Robert.
In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) in memory of Erbin Wiens.
Bumpy provided: Family and friends always knew that the door was open for coffee and meals and many gathered at the farm.
He loved company, playing cards and troubleshooting engines.
An inventor, he’d make what he needed and things that couldn’t be purchased anymore.
All things in the house were repaired and reinvented to last a lifetime. When he needed a tool, he made it. If it was broken, he’d fix it.
Bumpy was a farmer and loved the smell of dirt. His work was his joy and his retirement. He never wanted to be anywhere but on the farm.
He was a naturalist long before there was organic farming. He respected the rhythms of the earth and invented accordingly.
Bumpy played cards, cribbage and other games with family and company. The great and grand kids would play games and cards, and all would laugh very hard.
He was known for his hugs, laughs and the love he provided.

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