Widely disseminated across the ‘anti-social’ media 

Dear Editor,

Can’t find much to disagree with in your Nov. 19 editorial, titled ‘I can’t be bothered’, but I do have a few thoughts.

In my view, a large part of the problem has been the reluctance of provincial and federal governments to couch the ‘stay at home’ message in terms that young people can relate to, particularly in the last two months as the second wave has been building.

Most of us who are no longer young remember the attraction of being with friends our age, having a good time without giving a thought to anything of national importance, or to any after effects the next day.

I believe that the demographic has to be approached in one of the following ways to get the message across

1.) Have you thought about how you will feel if you attend a party, catch Covid asymptomatically and unknowingly expose your family, go to a grandparents birthday a week later thereby exposing your parents and grandparents, one of them catches it from you or other member of your family, gets sick and ends up in intensive care for a couple week’s, then dies?  

Are a few hours of fun worth more to you than a few more years of enjoying their company?

2.) Have anyone in your family – father, mother, grandparent or two – that you would rather not see again?  

Covid may be able to grant your wish!  All you have to do is have a party – invite all of your friends and their friends too – the more the merrier.  

Wait about a week, then surprise your family member with a visit.  Give them a big hug and a kiss when you arrive and when you leave.  

Don’t forget to touch as many door knobs and toilet handles as you can. No guarantee, but with luck, your wish may come true.

I suspect that presenting the message in one of those ways, 99.9 per cent would change their behaviour. There will be the odd Trumpian one who will not.

Unfortunately, newspapers such as the ECA Review are not read by all of these needing to hear the message.  

It has to be widely disseminated across the anti-social media (my term) as well.

May we all stay Covid free.


Wayne Richardson

Brownfield, Alta.

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