Why even bother with an Alberta election?

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Dear Editor,

The Canadian government actually controls much of what goes on in Alberta.

Premier Rachel Notley recently made Alberta’s case against Bill C-69 concerning ‘natural resource’ development before Canada’s unelected Senate. But didn’t Albertans gain ownership of their natural resources in 1930?

Calgary’s Mayor Naheed Nenshi recently spoke about having to wait for ‘federal’ money. He has a point. Calgary is bigger in population than Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island combined. And those Canadians receive ‘equalization’ money from the Canadian government. But aren’t Alberta ‘cities’ under Alberta jurisdiction?

And premier-wannabe, Jason Kenney, has mentioned some sort of referendum on ‘equalization which has been enshrined in Canada’s constitution since 1982. What’s he going to do?

Take the results from his ‘opinion poll’ and ‘beg’ other Canadians to change the constitution. Remember Meech Lake.

Recent opinion polls suggest that we Albertans are extremely frustrated with Canada’s ignorance and indifference over oil sands, pipelines, transfer payments including equalization and carbon tax which was forced on Albertans by the Canadian government, but implemented by our own Alberta government.

However, even though Albertans are frustrated, only about 25 per cent are ready to consider other options such as Alberta Independence outside of Canadian Confederation. We are told that this number hasn’t really changed for a long time.

Most Albertans seem sure about two things. They don’t want the current Canadian government nor the current Alberta government.

To change the Canadian government, Albertans need to convince south central Canadians. And as easy as it now looks to change our own Alberta government, it will not be any easier to get what we Albertans actually need.

Other Canadians simply have no incentive to ‘negotiate’ with Albertans because 75 per cent of us are ‘currently’ unwilling to consider options other than Canada.


Corinne & Jay Bortnik, Albertans

Hanna, Ab.

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