Why Canadian peacekeepers?

Our ‘selfie’ Prime Minister seems to think it is real important for Canada to be involved in a peacekeeping mission someplace in the world.
One of his promises during the last election was that Canada would again provide peacekeepers for the United Nations (UN).
The fact that there isn’t any peace to keep anywhere in the world doesn’t seem to have registered with him.
Some time ago, Minister of Defense, Harjit Sajjan was interviewed by Evan Solomon on CTV’s Question Period.
He asked the defence minister “How is the peacekeeping mission in Canada’s interest?”
Of course, he did not answer the question, he said there is a need in the UN for more peacekeepers.
Well, there is a need for all kinds of things in the UN, especially some common sense policy.
Trudeau always seems to talk glowingly about the UN. In his view, it is the greatest institution that was ever developed.
In my view, it has become a useless organization that is mostly controlled by third world left-wing dictatorships.
The Western World provides the majority of the finances for the UN to operate, however there are many resolutions passed by these countries that criticize the West and tend to bite the hand that feeds them.
I have stated in previous columns that the West should quit financing the UN and then see what they do.
They have been trying for years to turn it into a world government. Can you just imagine the mess the world would be in if that were to happen? With those left-wing dictators calling the shots, the world would disintegrate into unimaginable chaos.
What Canada has decided to do is have the military deploy six helicopters with over 200 support troops including medical teams to the West African country of Mali later this year.
There is no peace to keep in that country. It is a very dangerous area. So far there have been about 160 peacekeepers killed in that country by Muslim extremists.
In 2016 Trudeau and the federal government proposed to send 600 Canadian soldiers and 150 police on a peacekeeping mission somewhere in the world.
To me, it was a reckless promise made by Trudeau to impress other world leaders.
I think the real reason for this entire exercise is to raise the profile of Canada in the eyes of the UN.
Trudeau has been harping about the need for Canada to have a seat on the UN 15-member Security Council. Canada failed to secure a seat on the council when Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister.
In fact, the Liberals accused Harper of deliberately sabotaging the opportunity for Canada to have a representative on the Security Council.
In my view, the Security Council is a toothless tiger. It is made up of five permanent and 10 rotating temporary members. The permanent members have a veto and very often when a serious resolution is proposed China and or Russia will veto the motion.
This is one of the main reasons why the UN is so ineffective. Thus a Canadian representative on that council would have virtually no impact anyway.
However, that does not seem to matter to this government as the one and only reason to deploy a peacekeeping mission is to convince the UN that Canada is entitled to a seat on the Security Council.
I have an idea. If we can get rid of Trudeau in the next election (God help us if we can’t), I think a good career move for him would be to get a job to work directly for the UN. That way he would have his ‘world stage’ to perform on.
It would be a good match. One is about as useless as the other.

by Herman Schwenk

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