Who’s running the country?

Well, now it appears that this country is in a real mess.

What we have now is a Prime Minister that has absolutely no idea what real leadership looks like.

Instead of staying in Canada and dealing with the issue of blockades all over the country, he was traipsing all over the world to try and drum up support for Canada to secure a seat on the UN Security Council.

In my opinion, the UN Security Council is a completely useless organization.

Almost every time a resolution is passed that may have some teeth to deal with a world problem either Russia and or China will veto it so nothing gets done.

This is a toothless tiger so why would Canada want to be part of it?

Our Prime Minister has absolutely no idea how to solve this problem.

He is not a leader.

Trudeau is nothing more than a public relations spoke person for the Liberal Party.

He gives lip service to inclusion and dialogue but does not have a real plan.

He is allowing five Hereditary chiefs to call the shots.

The majority of the Indigenous want the Coastal Gas Link pipeline built.

All 20 of the elected indigenous chiefs along the pipeline route have given approval for its construction.

However, the Hereditary Chiefs say they have historic jurisdiction over that area and don’t want the pipeline to cross.

So who is really calling the shots in this country right now?

Somehow these chiefs have managed to get the support of militant activists that are always ready to participate in these acts of civil disobedience.

This is not a spontaneous grassroots event, it has been organized by professional militant activists.

As is the case with previous pipeline blockades, these people are paid by big money from organizations like the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and or the Tides Foundation.

I think this problem is a real dilemma for Trudeau because he is personally in agreement with the protesters but he has to find a way to bring it to an end or it will destroy the economy of the country.

He has told the world numerous times that Canada is a country that follows the rule of law.

However, when you follow his actions he has proven to be a hypocrite.

He proved that with the SNC-Lavalin affair and now that the courts have instructed that the barricades be removed, which means that if he applies the rule of law the barricades would come down by whatever means is necessary.

Well, so far the barricades are not coming down and in this situation the rule of law is meaningless.

When I wrote this column, blockades had been set up on the CNN line in Edmonton. Counter activists removed them later in the day.

I watched an interview on morning Global TV with a reporter and an Indigenous person involved with the blockade.

He said we want clean water and the same standard of living like everyone else.

I agree that these people are entitled to the same living standards as everyone else in this country.

The problem is that he wants all of that handed to him by the government without questions being asked.

If they want the same standard of living they need to assume the same responsibility.

The rest of us have jobs and pay taxes to acquire that standard.

He has completely missed the point that the pipelines and the Teck Resources Frontier oilsands mine are a means for many aboriginal people to become self-sufficient and acquire the same standard of living like the rest of us.

What this person obviously did not understand was that the aboriginal people have to be gainfully employed and contribute to the economy of this country like the rest of us to acquire the right to be full participants in our society.

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