Who says money doesn’t talk?

Dear Editor,

The Canadian people expect our politicians to uphold the law, and they also expect our politicians to be ethical (honest; truthful). Unfortunately, some politicians believe they are above the law.

Mr. Trudeau chose to interfere in a criminal investigation into SNC Lavalin by then Justice Minister Jody Wilson Raybould. Because of his actions, Liberal MPs Raybould and Jane Philpott resigned from the party because they could no longer support the unethical actions of the prime minister.

Unfortunately, some folks in Alberta seem to have forgotten the Senate Scandal under PM Harper’s administration and former Defence Minister Peter McKay’s use of the military for his fishing trips.

Mr. McKay was being disingenuous by condemning the actions of Trudeau while conveniently ignoring his own behaviour.

Was Jason Kenny involved in unethical behaviour in his leadership contest with Brian Jean by using a “Trojan Horse” candidate (Galloway)?

Where did Kenny get the $30 million to fight anyone attacking the oil and gas sectors of the economy?

Is he using taxpayer’s money to support private businesses?

If he is, he is being unethical because he is working for private businesses.

Did he and his party get financial support from US billionaire David Koch?

Mr. Koch (who recently died) financed campaigns against environmentalists in Alberta, Canada, and the US.

He and his brother, Charles, are listed as the seventh and eighth richest people on earth with “personal wealth” of $57.8 billion each (according to Bloomberg’s and Forbes’s lists of billionaires).

According to both sources, there are 2,150 billionaires with an average personal wealth of $4 billion (that’s over $9 trillion in personal wealth held by these billionaires).

By the way, there are 14 Canadians listed in the top 500. Who says money doesn’t talk?

Maybe the voters should look into the political involvement of both parties with Bombardier.

With billionaire Aga Khan. With Lockheed Martin (F-35 fighter). With the Phoenix payroll system? With the sale of military equipment to the Saudis.


George Thatcher

Trochu, Alta.

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