Who said so?

There was no massive fraud in the US elections. Period! 

Who said so? William Barr, US Attorney General. Plus, the Secretaries of States (those individuals tasked with insuring the voting systems in their states are working properly). Plus, Homeland Security. Plus, the FBI. Plus, the Electoral College system in each state.

This whole fraud allegations were concocted by Trump and his associates to discredit the entire election system for the sole purpose of undermining the will of the people (voiding their votes). 

Bottom line: It was an attempted  coup. The overthrow of democracy. Pure and simple.

Trump and company tried to intimidate/threaten the governors and secretaries of states in key “battle ground states” (Republican/conservative controlled legislatures ) to void the popular vote of the people and allow those legislatures to vote in favour of Trump instead. 

Furthermore, the US Supreme Court threw out these allegations of voter fraud as frivolous and without merit, and six of the nine justices are conservatives (Republicans) who rejected Trump’s attempt to undermine the US Constitution.  

Virus is not a hoax

People should pay closer attention to the medical and scientific information that our  chief medical officers in all the provinces and in Ottawa have been saying about the pandemic situation in Canada instead of alleging the information that is being presented is bogus.

Where are the facts? Is he a scientist? A medical expert on contagious diseases? Where did he get his degree(s)? Or is he one of those individuals who likes to spread conspiracy theories like the Qanon folks? 

Here is a fact: Every 36 seconds in the US, a person dies from COVID-19 virus. Who says so? John Hopkins University Medical School and a host of other medical schools in the States. Plus, statistics produced by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). 

The virus is not a hoax. Over 300, 000 Americans, as of Dec. 14, 2020 have died since the pandemic hit the US in Feb. 2020. 

Those deaths exceed all the deaths suffered by US military personnel since 1950 (Korean War; War in Vietnam; Afghan War; two Iraq Wars, the ISIS wars in Syria and Iraq, and in black operations in Africa and in the Middle East). Source: The US Pentagon.

Look at the daily rate for Alberta and for the other provinces! All those deaths that are reported by our governments on a daily basis are not fake, not false, not a hoax. 

Some folks should wake up, have a cup of coffee, and stop spreading bull poop. In my opinion.


George Thatcher

Trochu, Alta.

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