Who pays their wages?

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Dear Editor,

I am a home and property owner here in Castor, a retired Veteran and Father of two.

I pay my taxes and town bills and believe I do my share to contribute to our community.

Two weeks ago I had an issue with the garbage service as my two garbage cans and lids were scattered into the alley after garbage pickup.

I called the town clerk and she was very respectful and said she would look into this.

Last week the same outcome with my cans after garbage pickup.

I emailed the town clerk about this and included pictures.

I received a defensive, unsympathetic email from the Town’s Chief Administrator Officer (CAO), saying it was not the garbage workers fault and was due to the wind and how I should position my cans more securely.

Wrong answer.

This week upon pickup, I was watching out the window and two gents in a town pickup came to collect my trash, very odd. The one fellow saw me in the window and gave me a very very threatening death stare continuously.

I went outside to confront the man, he taunted me and laughed.

I called the town’s CAO for the second time and said, I want no trouble, and if we could just restart and let this go.

He responded with “if you let this go, the town would let it go”.

To my dismay I said, what is the town going to let go on me? I hung up and emailed him that I wish no more garbage pickup from my property.

In reflection, I am asking myself, who pays their wages and do I not have the right to voice my concerns?

Why am I being punished for asking for a little respect for my property?

This administration needs to seriously have a look at how they communicate and who is the customer here.

During these times we all have a lot more to be concerned about than our trash pickup. I will take my trash to the dump while still paying for garbage pickup.


Don J. McKim

Castor, Alta.

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