Who ordered snow?

Well, I hope this past weekend isn’t a permanent reality for this early in the fall. I know we needed the moisture but who ordered the snow? It’s just like those who voted for NDP, nobody is going to admit to doing it but we all have to live with it.

The Christmas Market may seem like a long way off yet but we are looking for interested vendors to book tables already. I know that the Fall markets and Christmas craft sales will quickly fill up your calendar so I hope you will add ours to your plans. We will be holding our Christmas market on November 24.

Linda Helmer stopped by to let me know about the two birthdays celebrated this month at St. Mary’s Lodge over in Trochu.

Our hostess, Marilyn Olmstead, prepared a delicious treat to all the guests but Betty Cheshire and Medora Culp from Extended Care got a little extra attention this month. Happy Birthday, you two.

Next month, the birthday club will be held on October 15 with Mary Newton as hostess.

Last on my list of great dates to mention is the Ag Society’s Fall Supper on November 3.

An amateur magician accidentally turns his wife into a loveseat and his two kids into armchairs. He starts to panic. He tries every trick in the book but none work so in desperation, he decides to take them to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, the magician spends a sleepless night while the medical staff run numerous tests on the unfortunate woman and children.

Finally, the head doctor comes out into the corridor to speak to the magician “Hey, Doc, how is my family?” He asks very worriedly, “Are they alright?”

The doctor replies, “They are comfortable….”

Have a great week, everyone.


by Patty Steen

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