Who administers this Facebook page?

Dear Editor,

Facebook postings in Morrin

“It has come to my attention that Howard Helton has been knocking on doors and campaigning on the basis of bad-mouthing the current village administration.  People need to know he has resigned twice from council as he couldn’t get his way.  He is now running again with his wife which is not ethical.  And he has tried in the past to pass a bylaw that was illegal as it contravened the Municipal Act of the Province of Alberta.

The current appointed Official who is acting as council has been making sure the village’s bylaws and procedures are up to date.

The Chief Administrative Officer is working closely with him and the entire village will benefit.  There is no evidence that the village is being run as anything other than a perfectly functioning small village.

As mayor, Mr. Helton was responsible for spending money the village didn’t need to spend on lawyers trying to find a way to get rid of the village CAO.  He did not involve the other council members in the second meeting with a lawyer and never disclosed the advice he was given.  As well he insisted on purchasing a fire pump for the water system that then did not fit the current system and now has to be replaced.  As a council member I was continually not allowed to speak to him and discuss any issues.  It was his way only!!

If anyone would like to discuss his views with me or the Official Administrator appointed to Morrin I can be available on here or by phone at 403-334-0458 or I will meet with anyone”.

The foregoing is a Facebook post by ex-Deputy Mayor M’Liss Edwards.  

I recommend that readers access the VILLAGE OF MORRIN FACEBOOK page and read April 16 and July 24 postings.  

These two postings are not attributed to anyone but have a similar tone.  

Coincidentally, they contain, as does the above, certain information that was Village of Morrin ‘Closed Session’ information of the previous Village council.  

Having said that, I presented at the Aug. 18, 2021 Village of Morrin council meeting and questioned council and administration regarding this FACEBOOK page and the content of these two postings.  

I was assured by council and administration they neither knew of this site nor who made these postings.

Perhaps some of your readers could ‘shed some light’ on who administers this page.


Howard Helton

Morrin, Alta.

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