Where’s the cheap wind and solar energy?

Dear Editor,

Well, well,  how nice it is that big utility companies in times of stress are able to reap big rewards on the backs of working people.  

We can see how important it is that companies get rewarded with big profits.  

As people lose their jobs and are struggling to keep food and payments in order at this time, the economy sure has to make a profit.  

I don’t feel myself and all other clients should pay for these huge profits.  Due to the virus and sickness and deaths, working people and small business have no profits, only loss. 

What is your motto? –  “Help Ourselves”.

I write  this letter is Feb. 3, 2022 and the late payment date on my hydro bill is Feb. 1, 2022.  I received your bill on Feb. 2, 2022.  

I hope you don’t have the nerve to charge me late charges.  I will never pay them.

The energy charge in December 2021 was $384.80 with a colder month.  Less use in January 2022 produced a charge of $865.43.  The highest bill in the past was $505 once and that was a disgrace.    

How dare you rip us all off like this?

Don’t bother to use any propaganda about how it is your floating energy costs. 

When is all this cheap wind and solar energy-bird killer-and-land destruction energy – that is creating more carbon and pollution, going to appear? 

With $500 to $1,000 a month energy bills it won’t take long to utilize a different power source.  

I already have a generator and at that kind of expense, I can afford lots of fuel or other costs.  

If this doesn’t change I guess you could come out and I could take the chain saw and fell the poles into the ditch for you.  

Enjoy your wealth and pensions!


Arnold McKee

Oyen, Alta.

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