Where is the common sense?

I participated in the historical United Conservative Party [UPC] founding convention in Red Deer. There were 2600 delegates at the event, about twice as many as any previous political convention in Alberta. It was well organized and well run.
The resolutions covered a wide base of issues that will give the party a good basis on which to develop a political platform for the next Alberta election.
There was one issue that was only touched on briefly, and that was climate change.
Paul Hinman, a former leader of the Wildrose party and myself, raised the topic when debating an environmental resolution. From the reaction of the delegates, it was obvious that the people did not believe climate change was man-made.
I know that I am probably coming across like a stuck record, but the issue of climate change needs to be addressed honestly by the UPC. I have studied the scientific research of real meteorological and geological scientists, and they have proven that C02 has very little to do with climate change.
I do not understand why environmentalists, mainstream media and most politicians keep insisting that C02 emissions are the cause of climate change. They all refuse to debate the real facts on the reason for climate change.
If they are challenged by anyone, their response is to accuse that person of being a climate change denier. That response in itself tells you that they have no facts to back up their position. They are the real deniers.
What got me going again on this issue was reading columns in two different papers, the Maclean’s magazine and the Edmonton Sun.
The Maclean’s article was about a report produced by Canada’s auditor general titled “Perspectives 0n Climate Change Action in Canada”.
What that report did was critique our Federal and Provincial governments going all the way back to 1992 for not achieving promised reductions in C02 emissions.
We know that most of the Federal Governments we have had since then had no intention of achieving those objectives, especially Stephen Harper’s government.
What the report does not say is that if those objectives were achieved, the economy in our country would be in shambles.
Our economy is already in a mess due to what governments are doing in the name of controlling climate change.
Due to Dalton McGinnty’s “Green Energy Act,” Ontario has the highest per capita sub-sovereign debt in the world.
A number of governments in Canada are now getting serious about imposing carbon taxes, which is costing taxpayers billions of dollars to solve a problem that does not exist. Even if it did Canada only produces 1.6 per cent of world C02 emissions.
As I have said before, all of this climate change stuff is so stupid. If Canada produced zero C02, it could not change a thing. There is just no common sense applied to these policies.
The other column that I was referring to was a column by Rick Bell in the Edmonton Sun. Immediately after he left the convention, Jason Kenney flew to Ottawa to testify before a Commons committee.
He made it clear to the committee that he would oppose Trudeau’s carbon tax in court if and when he became premier of Alberta.
What has me confused is that when he was questioned as to whether climate change is man-made he seemed to agree it was.
What Kenny needs to do is get a conversation and debate started somehow now on the real cause of climate change.
I think if Alberta voters really understood the fraud that is going on worldwide with climate change there would be a minor revolution in attitude.
Climate change policies are not about science, they are all about politics and transferring money out of taxpayers pockets to somewhere else.

by Herman Schwenk

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