Appears Prime Minister is in desperation mode

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It  would appear that our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is in desperation mode. 

This is the result of the government deciding to hire the WE charity to administer a volunteer program to financially assist university students. 

This program would have cost the government about $900 million with the WE charity to receive over $20 million as an administration fee. 

It soon became apparent that the program was flawed and WE backed out. 

The Trudeau family was closely tied to this charity, especially Trudeau’s mother, who received thousands of dollars in speaking fees and expenses to support the charity. 

It appears that various members of the Trudeau family received about $450 thousand supporting the charity. 

When the Liberal government was debating a motion to hire the charity to administer the program, Trudeau voted in favour of the motion instead of excusing himself from the discussion. 

This was a clear conflict of interest violation, and the ethics commissioner is investigating the matter at this time. 

Adding further to the controversy Trudeau claims that WE was recommended by the government to administer the program instead of the civil service doing it themselves. 

There are accusations that Trudeau recommended that WE do the job. 

There seems to be other issues with this scandal for which the opposition is trying to find answers. 

The opposition parties were interviewing people through two parliamentary committees. 

They must have been getting too close to some answers because he went to extraordinary lengths to shut the committees down.

Parliament was set to resume on Sept. 23 after its summer break. 

In order to shut down the committees, Trudeau prorogues parliament in August with the excuse that he wanted to present a speech from the throne to set new priorities. 

That speech had nothing of world-shaking importance in it and it was obvious that it was the simplest way to shut the committees down. 

When parliament resumed, the committees were reformed but the conservatives decided the situation was serious enough that they presented a motion to form a special motion to investigate corruption and fraud. 

From the Liberal’s point of view, this would be worse than what was going on with the previous committees. 

They decided to turn that motion into a vote of confidence so that if the motion carried, it would trigger an election and of course, the committee still couldn’t act and get to the bottom of the mess. 

The Liberals have been looking for an excuse to call an election so they could blame opposition parties for causing the election. 

 Ever since the government has had to deal with COVID-19 they have gone to great lengths to avoid answering questions in parliament. 

They have been spending money like it was water and they did not want to be challenged on it.

As you probably know that while the NDP agreed with the motion, they turned chicken and voted with the government because they were not prepared to fight an election. 

They said this was not the right time to hold an election.  The priority should be on bringing an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The real reason they don’t want an election is that they are down in the polls and they don’t have the money to fight an election.

The $64 question in all of this is why are Trudeau and the Liberals going to such extremes to avoid answering questions on their performance and management of COVID-19? 

They must have done something that, if revealed, could be politically damaging. 

This whole mess begs the question, what in the world are they HIDING?


by Herman Schwenk

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