West Stettler Park bridge upgrades

West Stettler Park is due for some much-needed work as two bridges in the park will be worked on to make them safer and more reliable for the residents of Stettler.

The bridge adjacent to the gazebo and the bridge near the playground are in question.

Safety concerns were raised regarding the older style bridges as there are many holes in which children can fall through into the canal. Consistency and liability were the main aspects council looked at in terms of decision making.

Mayor Nolls said “Being as we are going to be seeing one from the other it is important that we maintain that consistency as well so if it is within visual it should be the same standard as the other one as well.

“Also on the safety side, I get it. I know it is easy to say that but occasionally it does happen when kids get away from us and sometimes we have to be those people who look out for those kids as well. That is our responsibility, unfortunately.”

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Greg Switenky urged the panel of councillors to move along with the project before ‘the snow flies’. He also mentioned this project was not accounted for in this year’s budget but can be accounted for and deferred into the 2019 budget.

Council made a final decision to award the tender to DNR Pressure Welding Ltd. of Stettler in the amount of $20,000 with ‘wiggle room’ towards the structural renovations to the bridges. Fixes include a new paint job and steel beams will be added.

Goats get go-ahead

The Town of Stettler received what many may call an odd request as a couple from the area has asked to have their property rezoned to accommodate the farming of goats throughout the summer.

In 2008, the property was zoned Urban Reserve. A group of property owners in the area requested the Town to rezone the land to a residential zoning where it was determined at the time that the intention of the area was to transition to Industrial and Council approved a rezoning to a Direct Control Urban Reserve to maintain the Urban Reserve purpose but to also allow for property enhancement as approved by Council.

In May of 2018, the Town received a complaint regarding the presence of goats at 4601 – 47 Avenue and the disturbance they were causing. Through the process of Bylaw Enforcement, the property owner advised that they would like to have goats on their property during the summer months and the ones that are present will be leaving by Oct. 15.

During this conversation, the property owner was advised that under the current zoning, farming is not a permitted or discretionary use and therefore would not allow for the property owner to have goats or any form of livestock on their land.

The owner, in turn, has applied to have the property rezoned back to Urban Reserve to allow for a farming usage. After deliberation, council passed first reading of the bylaw. A public hearing is set for the first week in September.

Stettler Storm earn gold medals

The Stettler Storm U16 Ladies Softball Team won the “C” Division Provincial Gold Medal in Calahoo on the July 14 and 15 weekend. The team and coaches were presented an award by Mayor Sean Nolls on behalf of the town for their hard work.


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