Well, surprise, surprise, surprise

Dear Editor,
Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, the Speaker of the House has determined that the Premier of Alberta did not mislead the Legislature!
What else was he going to rule, after all he is a member of the P.C. Party.  Talk about a conflict of interest.  An independent party should be the one that rules on such conflict.
The paper trail (dug up by the CBC reporters) tells a completely different story.  When will our P.C. Government start being forth right and transparent with the citizens of Alberta?  Today we have a party that operates behind locked doors and in secrecy.

Surveys that they do are structured in such a way so it produced the results the Government wants to see and NOT what the public wants.  As a result, the Government is telling the people what they want to do.  It is completely backwards, the Government is supposed to be there to answer to the people and that means ALL Albertans.
How many Albertans are aware of the new Land Bill called Bill #2 that has recently passed?  This bill takes away rights that you previously had!  
• The right to notice of energy projects;
• The right to review documents relating to the proposed energy project;
• The right to object to the energy project and to trigger a hearing to have your concerns addressed;
• The right to cross examine the energy company or the Regulator and the right to present your case.
What the Government is saying with this bill is that you will be dealt with after the fact and you will accept whatever the decision is without appeal.  
There is an opportunity to object the bill because it will not be enacted until June 2013.
I encourage you to write the Premier, all other ministers and your local MLAs.  This is a bad bill.  Your rights you did have need to be restored in Bill 2 before it becomes law.
Richard Preston
Hanna, Ab

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