Weathering the storm for 100 years

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Barn 1917 – 2017


An excuse for a barn dance for friends and family was the milestone for Marj (Veno) and Murray McArthur’s barn weathering 100 years. Guests were served a supper, and 1917 period costumes were welcomed. ECA Review/J.Webster



A supper in a new shop and a dance in a 100 year old barn saw family and friends gather on Sat. Sept. 16 at Marj (Veno) and Murray McArthur’s farm northeast of Hanna in the Spondin district.
The barn was built in 1917 by G. Knopp and used by him until 1941, when his daughter and husband took over the farm until 1958.
G. Knopp’s granddaughter, EllenCrowle of Hanna and her daughter and grand daughter attended the event Saturday with many happy memories returning as she toured the farm including a new house built by Marj and Murray that has the old hardwood floor and the stained glass window from the old house that Ellen grew up in.
Jack Jager owned the place until January of 1980 when Greg and Marj Veno purchased the place.
The barn was in bad shape, said Veno thinking it wasn’t salvageable, adding that her dad, Jack Nester knew how to fix it.
The foundation was replaced, the lean straightened then sway-braced on the inside and windows replaced.
Tin was added on walls in 1987 and the roof 1991.
Still a working barn, the loft was cleaned up and used for many Cattlemen’s Choice bull sales up to 2014, dances and meetings in loft.
Today the barn stands tall and straight after weathering the storms for 100 years.

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