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If it wasn’t the “most powerful nation in the world”, or our largest trading partner, or a country we shared more than 4,000 miles of a poorly defended border, the whole presidential election campaign and Donald Trump could be just seen as highly entertaining political comedy.

But when you consider that it was legal for protestors in Cleveland at the Republican convention to carry loaded shotguns, long guns, handguns and assault rifles yet coolers, whole fruit, tennis balls, non-plastic beverage containers, pad locks and light bulbs, were banned is there any wonder that mass murders are so easy to commit.

How ironic, Americans now need the National Fruit Association (NFA) to fight for the right to carry open or concealed fruit.

Contrary to the Trump truism that crime skyrocketed during Barak Obama’s presidency, the 2014 census data showed murder, violent crime rates, assaults and rape rates have all reduced significantly in the last quarter century, especially among African-American youth. The one exception in the 2014 data was the stark increase in mass-casualty shootings. Today we have the disturbing trend of white police shooting blacks and now blacks shooting white police.

Then there’s the Trump truism that he’s a great business tycoon and a great deal maker who will single-handedly make America great again.

When “The Apprentice” was announced over 10 years ago one of my cousins said, “You’ll probably really like that reality show because it’s all about business.” My response was “I won’t turn it on”.
I knew much of Trump’s past business dealings. By the time he was a regular staple on TV, Trump had already bankrupted many of his businesses, six in total, stiffing hundreds or thousands of suppliers, contractors, small business owners and employees.

He over extended himself, always proudly admitting that the key to success was risking other people’s money.

In my mind, he was just another Peter Pocklington who stiffed many individuals and businesses in Edmonton as well as the taxpayers of Alberta with his “get-me-rich” schemes.

I also knew the Trump history of using illegal Polish workers to demolish the building where the now famous Trump Tower stands in Manhattan.

How ironic that he has the “hate on” for immigrants, legal and illegal, today. The contractor he hired didn’t pay those workers what they were promised—the advantages of using illegals because they have no legal rights—the work gets done and Trump’s wealth grows.

Trump argued then and continued to argue in court that it was his underlings and contractors who were at fault which sounds very much like the politicians we have come to despise!

Another little known fact is that he had those same illegal workers pull down the façade of the existing building in the middle of the night and smash it to pieces. His development permit required that the historical façade was to be saved and re-used, but to Trump that would cost him money.

What about Trump’s truism that he’s a family man.

A family man in my books doesn’t go through two divorces and sire children from three different women, two of which were young enough to be his daughters. That together with his ownership of ‘Miss America’ clearly highlights his true opinion of women … sex objects or show pieces.

Another Trump truism, that he hates Hillary Clinton and she ought to be hailed is a joke.

Would it surprise you that Bill and Hillary Clinton were invited guests to Trump’s third wedding! It shouldn’t.

Trump has always hung out with important people. I would argue the only reason he’s supposedly speaking for the little guy at this moment is because he sees it as his potential ticket to becoming America’s really big guy—the President.

When asked about his beliefs in God, Trump responded, “I’m a religious person because the evangelicals are supporting me.”

Does that also mean he’s a white supremist because the Ku Klux Klan is supporting him?

The entire Republican convention was about fear, hate and god-like worship of Donald Trump.

The media uses two words to describe Trump – a narcissist and a demagogue. On the Mayo Clinic website, a narcissist is described as a person with a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.

Behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

The dictionary definition of demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue.

He’s a political agitator who appeals to the prejudice and passions of the mob through crude oratory appeals.

Canadians and the world need to be afraid of a potential Donald Trump presidency. Russia already has in place their narcissist and demagogue, Vladimir Putin, who has made Europe and the Middle East much more unstable because of his need to be important and hero worshipped.

Canada would not be in a safe position if Trump is elected, smack in the middle of two extreme narcissists and demagogues.

Let’s hope and pray that the better nature of Americans will prevail when they go to the polls in November, for the sake of themselves, Canada and the whole world.

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