Water rates set to increase five cents

The Henry Kroeger water rates and the Big Country Waste Commission requisition have increased for the Town of Hanna, with council agreeing at their regular Feb. 11 meeting to add these costs to all property owners.

The water rates will go up by 5¢ a cubic metre and if a consumer uses approximately 20 cubic metres per billing period the billing will go up approximately $1.

The Regional Waste Commission requisition was increased by $33,000 so property owners will pay an increased Regional Waste fee of $4 per billing period.

Lead in water lines

Brent Olesen, Director of Public Works Department, reported his crews have been repairing leaking water and sewer lines.

Among the maintenance work done in January was to replace a water line for a residence on 6th Ave.

That specific line had high lead content.

The Town of Hanna policy is to replace lines with lead content between the main and the property line at no cost to the owner when they find such an issue.

The remaining portion of the line is to be replaced at the property owner’s cost.

The water was tested after the replacement and is now below the new standard.

Strategic Plan update

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Kim Neill reported that on Jan. 17 Doug Griffiths facilitated a workshop with members of the Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation Board, Manager of Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation, Special Areas Board Chair, Business Hub Concierge and himself as the representative for the Town of Hanna.

This workshop identified priority initiatives, lead organizations responsible for the initiative, time frame to completion, funding and resources required.

Six initiatives are to be prioritized and presented to Western Economic Diversification (WED) representatives for funding consideration.

Cactus Corridor is preparing funding applications to WED for the Business Readiness Inventory and Assessment at $320,000; Business Ecosystem Development and Staffing Resources at $930,000; Regional and Sub-Regional Marketing Framework at $780,000; Hanna Community Master Plan at $300,000; Youngstown Community Master Plan at $200,000 and the Irrigation Districts Capacity Assessment at $450,000.

Infrastructure projects

The Town of Hanna will be posting on the Alberta Purchasing Connection tenders for seven infrastructure projects including the construction of a gravel road connecting West Industrial road and the Roundhouse road along with six other paving projects throughout the community.

The large grant through the Investing in Canada – Recreational Facilities Component for the proposed renovation and expansion at the Community Centre has been denied because the funds were oversubscribed.

The town had allocated $432,000 of MSI Funding towards this project in the event the federal application was approved.

Administration proposed that the $432,000 be re-allocated to the 400 Block of 2nd Avenue West Water and Sewer Line Replacement Project.

The preliminary estimate to complete this work which would include the replacement of the water and sewer mains and complete road rehabilitation is estimated at $500,000.

Administration said the project could be prepared and advertised in April of 2020 with potential construction to follow during this year’s construction season based on tender prices received.

If pricing exceeds the budget allotment, the project will not go forward as planned and will be brought back to council to determine the appropriate path forward.

RCMP open dialogue meeting Director of Business and Communications, Laurie Armstrong reported that CAO Neill has been approached by the RCMP for an electronic link to place a survey on the Town of Hanna website regarding community policing priorities.

Administration has agreed to comply with this request and this task is scheduled to be completed before the end of the month.

The Hanna RCMP Detachment have also requested the Town offer a venue for a Community Policing Presentation.

All residents will be invited to attend this open dialogue of general policing in Hanna and southern  Alberta including policing priorities and policing issues upon which the RCMP should focus.

The RCMP are seeking a plan of attack which includes a united path forward with the Town of Hanna.

Request for subsidy 

Council again went back and forth on whether to subsidize the rent of the curling rink and arena and chairs for the J.C. Charyk Grad class but ended in a tied vote, 3 – 3, so the decision will be carried forward again to the March meeting when all councillors are present.

The original request was made at the January meeting.

Stop sign request

There has been a request to council to make the intersection at 2nd St. and 2 Ave. W a four-way stop for the safety of pedestrians trying to cross 2nd Ave.

Several possibilities to increase the safety at this intersection and reduce the speed of vehicles travelling along 2nd Ave without the use of a four-way stop were presented including installing solar activated pedestrian lights much like the one on Palliser Trail, changing the parking rules along 2nd Ave. from angle parking to parallel parking or install a speed bump.

Waiting until the revitalization plan was completed was also an option listed.

The item was tabled to the April council meeting to allow for public feedback/ideas to increase pedestrian safety.


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