Water rate could increase for residential Delia

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With Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services increasing their prices two per cent, the Village of Delia is looking at increasing theirs as well by the same percentage.

The water services line increased their price from $2.83 to $2.89.

Delia has their charge set at $3.50 per cubic metre of water used.

To keep pace with this increase, the water village rate will increase by 10 cents to $3.60 per cubic metre once the motion is passed after three readings.

Council passed first reading at their regular meeting on Thurs. Feb. 18.

COVID grant

Delia received $26,872 in extra funding which has been used for personal protection equipment (PPE), supplemental cleaning, lost revenues, laptops and more.

Council determined the most effective use for the remaining funding should go towards purchasing laptops at $11,900 for both staff and councillors to be able to attend video conferencing meetings.

This includes purchasing software, technical support at $1,000, training and covering the already purchased PPE at under $1,000 and cleaning hours.

The remaining amount (approximately $5,000) was agreed to be given to the local Agricultural Society which oversees and operates the curling rink, community centre and arena as long as proof of loss is provided.

Council passed this recommendation as presented by administration.

Office hours

The training portion of understanding the village’s financial system is now complete with the next course of action to have the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) document all processes and create a manual to work from.

CAO Tracy Breese mentioned in her request for a decision item that it will take a full year until the system is used more proficiently.

The public works foreman has given his two-week notice which has left the position empty.

Because of this and no longer having a website administrator, the workload has ‘virtually tripled overnight’ for CAO Breese.

She added that she has been working six days a week to ensure the village is running as best it can.

Interviews have been put in place to fill the permanent public works replacement.

CAO Breese asked council, in light of the situation, to implement a long-term solution to make sure the current workload gets done.

She requested an increase in hours to 48 hours for the next month or until the new public works foreman is proficient in their role, then remain at full-time hours until the end of June.

After this point, the hours for her would be reduced to 32 hours a week for the remainder of 2021.

Council agreed to only one month with the CAO at full time hours versus her previous part-time role.

The matter will be reviewed again at the next council meeting.

Fire truck transfer

As an annual requirement, council agreed to transfer $5,000 from the allotted funds from the Starland County Fire Agreement towards the fire truck account.

This account holds the funds for a new fire truck replacement.

The fire agreement that includes Starland, Delia, Munson and Morrin is up for review after approximately nine years in use.

Fire chief appearance

Delia Fire Chief Dallas Stevens came to council on a request from council.

CAO Breese explained in an interview with the ECA Review that the conversation was heated at first before turning into a more positive discussion on communication between the two parties.

The fire chief explained that his door was open to speak with him at any time.


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