Water for food production (P.A.W.M)

The number of attendees at the The Prairie Association for Water Management (P.A.W.M.) annual meeting on Feb. 17 at Kirriermuir, Ab. was small but those who attended received a wealth of information from Joey Hurley, on the available resources and the distribution for use by our population and industries including agriculture.
Joey Hurley, a water policy advisor for the Alberta government, Environmental Sustainable Resources department shared with the attendees her knowledge on water that is available for the production of food and the amount of water in the  various river basins.
She stated that those of us in the south have the most amount of people and the least amount of surface water while the north have the most amount of water and the least amount of people.
Her presentation on water management in Alberta outlined the policy context, water supply and availability, water allocation system, water demand and water rights and management as it transitions from government policy to the various stakeholders in the province.
Although the water belongs to the people of Alberta, the government of Alberta was given the authority by the people to manage these resources and to conserve water resources to sustain a healthy environment to insure a high quality of life in the present and stimulate Alberta economic growth and prosperity in the future.
There is a shortage of water world-wide, said P.A.W.M.President, John Kloberdanz of Kirriemuir in his report to the ECA Review.  Even though we have been blessed with adequate supplies in Alberta, we must always do our part in protecting and conserving

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