Waste of time, money, emotions

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Dear Editor,

Recently I took in a tour of the gigantic windmill farms in the Palm Springs, California area.

I asked what the large building with the smokestacks was in the middle of the field.

The very informed tour guide said it was a natural gas generating station newly built as the old station was too small to meet the increasing power demand due to the windmills only producing enough power about one-third of the time.

She also told us California, with all its renewable power sources, produces less than 35 per cent of needs at the peak of performance.

The United States in total produces less than five per cent of needs.

In my view, this just solidifies the fact that renewable power is a waste of time, money and emotions.

We also went on a celebrity tour of Palm Springs.

Interesting enough, we drove by one of Leonard DiCaprio giant homes with two SUV’s parked out front and we were informed he owned the black Land Rover.

He also rents out one of his giant homes for $4500 per night. (We didn’t book it!)

Is it just me or do you think he has lost some of his climate global warming agenda?

I believe facts and real science will prevail and we can dismiss these brief episodes of fear mongering and adjustable science created by the United Nations (UN).

In reality, this falls exactly in line with almost everything the UN has purposed recently.

This organization is corrupt, extremely misguided and fortunately very ineffective.

The real question is how is this giant expensive body responding to the imminent crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world?

This human tragedy is shocking the world into the true necessities of society and what is important to social, economic and human survival.


Walter Suntjens

Farmer, Rancher, Realist

Spondin, Alta.

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