Waste management prices solidified

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Terri Huxley
Written by Terri Huxley

Waste management service prices have been officially set for 2020 with a very slight increase.

The Waste Control Bylaw was passed at council’s final meeting of 2019 on Tues. Dec. 17.

The bylaw was 25 years old as the last time it was fully updated was in 1994.

“For a lack of a better word, the garbage is gone,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Greg Switenky.

In the changes, the methodology of who is eligible for collection and wording was there as well as gives all those authorities that the town never had in the other bylaw.

All three readings of three individual bylaws were also passed during the council meeting.

This includes sewer rates, water rates and garbage rates.

Each has their own separate bylaw for administrative purposes as it is easier to manage and manipulate if needed.

The interim operating budget has increased the monthly flat rate of sewer to $22.75 from $22.50.

Water rates have gone from $2.80 to $2.82 whereas garbage rates have gone from $23.50 to $23.75.

Council moved to approve a five year contract with C & S Disposal Inc. for curbside garbage, recycling collection and disposal as well as compost site collection and disposal from Jan.1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2024 at a cost of $1,464,264.60 over this five year stretch.

Costs for 2020 and 2021 will be $285,780.24 with a steady increase as the years go on.

Council noted how this has been a “popular feature” for residents.

The collection company would like users to avoid disposing of glass as it is a safety concern.

Services will remain identical to what it has been in the past with weekly garbage pickup, biweekly recycling and seasonal composting.

2019 Capital Budget summary

The town adopted their three-year operating budget with expenditures totalling $17,927.471, revenues totalling $18,952,898 and an amount available for capital of $1,025,427 for the year 2020.

This interim budget is meant to give spending authority to the town for the upcoming year with the final budget to be presented in the spring.

Stettler’s budget has forecasted a taxation increase of one per cent with water, in particular, rising to $2.82 per cubic metre from $2.80.

Sewage and garbage rates are also going to rise by 25 cents.

Recycling has no changes.

For the average residential customer, they will only see a 90 cent increase overall to their bill.

After discussion, it was agreed to add the STARS Contribution of $11,904 to the Interim Budget as an individual line item within the budget document.

This is a $2 per capita total.

The mayor found this budget to be “responsible” and easy to understand.


Terri Huxley

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