Walter Jahns Singers sing at 33rd annual Spring Concert

The 33rd Annual Spring Concert by the Walter Jahns Singers was held at the Forestburg Community Hall April 24. The Quartet o’ 7, from the left, Randy Howell, Lorna Williams, Don McMahon, Doug Grovet, Darrell Ball, Gary Disterheft and Carl Jahns was a surprise appearance at  the concert.  ECA Review/R.Coutts

Submitted by Jamie Geddes
The Walter Jahns Singers (WJS) performed their 33rd Annual Spring Concert at the Forestburg Community Hall on April 24.

The WJS entertained to a full audience as they performed their chorale program entitled: The Director’s All Time Favourites.

Their director Carl Jahns achieved a milestone with the choir as he directed his 15th consecutive season.

To mark this achievement Jahns compiled his favourite pieces from over the years to create the afternoon’s program.

Jahns directed the SDA Choral Festival Mass Choir event held at Merna Seventh Day Adventist Church on Palm Sunday. The mass choir is comprised of four area choirs which included the WJS.

The group sang a German folk song called Ho-La-Hi; and a hymn, Sing We With A Merry Heart a cappella.

The accompanist for the WJS, Diane Jahns is not only an accomplished pianist but she also sings alto. She joined the altos on stage for both cappella pieces.

Director Jahns planned two surprises for the audience.

The first surprise was a short video presentation that he compiled that displayed past performances of the choir dating back to 1990.

This provided a little historical interlude for those who were in the audience familiar with the WJS and for those who wanted to know a little bit more.

33 years ago
The WJS began when Walter Jahns founded and directed the Forestburg Chorale Society some 33 years ago. This society was comprised of local and area singers who loved to perform.

After Walter’s death; the group kept his legacy of using local talent to entertain locally, but changed their name to the Walter Jahns Singers to honour him.

The Singers have had three directors in their 33 years:  Walter Jahns, Dale Trefz and Carl Jahns.
The next surprise was the barbershop style musical interlude debut of the Quartet o’ 7 comprised of: Darrell Ball, Gary Disterheft, Doug Grovet, Randy Howell, Carl Jahns, Don McMahon, and Lorna Williams of the WJS.

In keeping with tradition, the WJS officially completed their 33rd season with a performance at the Galahad Care Centre for the residents and staff on April 25.

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