Wall barometer would need re-calibration

Dear Editor,
I find it sad and unfortunate that the socialist mental-environmists who have succeeded in taking over at both the federal and provincial level, as well as those who elected them required no knowledge of thermodynamics to do it.
They believe it’s fine to jump over the side of the ship in the middle of a storm as long as everyone else is doing it.
The sad part is that no life boats are available. The unfortunate part is that they are taking the rest of us with them.
All of the energy transformations have been clearly understood for many years.  Anyone who believes that some magical new form of energy is going to present itself should best spend their time preparing for a cold, dark, hungry existence.  The country set in the northern latitudes can ill-afford to partake in this dumbing down of western civilization.
Trudeau the Younger, who has never had to balance a cheque book in his entire life is well on the way to achieving what his father failed to do, all under the cloak of environmentalism.
That is to destroy western Canada’s power base and rather conveniently all with the help of Alberta’s own blind leadership.
Tragically, we no longer have the likes of Peter Lougheed to defend us.
If Trudeau was truly concerned about the environment he would be cleaning up his own backyard, in particular, the polluted Great Lakes and the destruction of wildlife habitat by the Quebec hydro-electric industry.
Folks, we have known about global warming and climate change for a long time.  It used to be taught in school. It was called the inter-glacial progression and it is entirely indifferent to mankind.
It is known that at the height of the inter-glacial, no ice will remain on the Earth.
It is unknown how hot the planet will become because there was no one keeping records during the last inter-glacial period.
Volcanism is the great producer on this planet of the very heavy compound gas, CO2.
Published picture of water vapour rising from chimney stacks is not CO2 as these sources would have you believe.
It’s too bad that so many people have been taken in by such hoaxers as failed presidential candidate, Al Gore and David Suzuki, passing himself off as a climatologist.
Without entering into a long discourse about molecular weights or the periodic table, I will end with the following:  There absolutely is no build up of either carbon dioxide or methane happening in Earth’s atmosphere.
If there were, it would have been evidenced by an increase in atmospheric pressure at sea level!
You would have had to send away your wall barometer for re-calibration.
There has been no change in atmospheric pressure.
M. Lee Hudson

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