Walk to Sochi a success

A collection of Coronation Supportive Living residents participated in the walk to Sochi initiative. The average walker age was 87 years old and average distance walked was 24 miles per day. Wilf Sieger was tasked with keeping track of the group’s distance and steps taken, making the event a success for the participants. (L – R) Wilf Sieger, Dodie Brigley, Al Williamson, Irene Erickson, Elaine Vanderburg, Susan Wilson, Evie Gillard and Dorothy Yeats. ECA Review/K. Davis

The ChooseWell Community Challenge “Walk to Sochi” took place from January 13 to 31. Our goal was to walk the 9000 km in that time period and we more than reached our goal with a final total of 13,514 km.

We engaged many community members, organizations and individuals alike, to send steps or kilometres walked weekly, or they could send total time spent per activity and let us do the math. They had the option of contacting us by our Facebook page or by email.

The school and the Designated Supportive Living (DSL) were two of the organizations who had participated in the Walk to Sochi so ChooseWell arranged for the students and staff to walk to the DSL for Winter Walk Day, which takes place each year on February 5.

This year it was too cold for the kids to walk that day so it had to be rescheduled and was held Thursday, February 13.

ChooseWell is in the middle of the February Community Walking Challenge – “Walk Back from Sochi.” Unlike January’s Challenge, which was specific to Coronation Community only, the February Challenge is a Communities ChooseWell UWalk Challenge open to all Alberta communities and comes with a community walkability workshop and grant for the winning community with the highest average number of steps.

The challenge runs from February 1 – 28 and we need many participants and many steps. More details about this challenge are available on the Coronation ChooseWell Facebook Page.

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