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The Theresetta Junior ATB staff hosted another deposit day on Nov. 26.

The seven workers helped 14 customers deposit their funds. The workers are getting quicker and more comfortable in their positions so deposit days are running smoothly and it has been a positive experience for all students involved.

November’s gift card draw winner was Rylee Charbonneau!

The junior high students travelled to Wainwright on Tues. Nov. 26, along with students from Christ-King School in Stettler, St. Thomas Aquinas School in Provost, Blessed Sacrament School in Wainwright and St. Jerome’s School in Vermilion, for a spiritual retreat.

Even though Theresetta is a Catholic school, all religions are welcome and students attending the school and all other Catholic schools in the division, come from all different religions and beliefs, which is such a great thing for all students to experience, not only in the Theresetta classrooms but also at a division-wide retreat.

The retreat facilitator was Mike Landry, who is a fulltime chaplain to Evergreen Catholic Schools located west of Edmonton.

The retreat included ice breaker games, lively music, and focussed discussions which allowed students to reflect on their own faith journeys and spiritual beliefs and build new relationships with other students.

It was a fun day for the students who all came back to class the next day talking about the positivity they felt.

The Grade 3/4 class had an overall theme of ‘peace’ in their classroom in November.

All of their lessons and many projects were centred around their learning about peace and what that means in terms of Remembrance Day and our lives as Canadians.

The students were engaged in the books they read and the activities they did. The highlight was the letters of Christmas messages that they each wrote to a Canadian soldier.

What started as a tweet by the Canadian Armed Forces account, has become a nationwide card campaign to send the members of the armed forces who are overseas, personal messages for the holiday season, as many will not be home to spend the holidays with their families.

The Grade 3/4 class was happy to participate in this, and after learning about the theme of peace for the past few weeks, their thoughtful and grateful messages were easily written and sent off.

The Glee Club had their first community performance at the CWL Christmas Party on Sun. Dec. 1.

The Glee Club performed eight Christmas songs that they have been working on for the last few weeks.

Among the many other performances that evening, the Glee Club, accompanied on piano by their leader Mrs. Kneller, did a great job entertaining the party-goers!

The club is looking forward to their upcoming performances at the Paintearth Lodge and Long Term Care to round out the month.

Basketball/Curling season begins

The Theresetta junior high girls basketball team is already busy sweating it out on the hardwood.

They have had three practices so far and are looking forward to their first exhibition game on Dec. 11, against the Coronation School squad.

The team’s Clearview and Region Athletics (CARA) league starts in the new year.

The Theresetta curling team has also started their weekly practices this month.

The team is looking forward to their bonspiels in the new year and have started their season with great energy and drive to improve.

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